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Photography Tours In Vancouver

Looking at life through a camera not only alters your perspective, it allows you to capture sights and scenes in unique ways. While on our photography tours you will see sites like Granville Island, Canada Place and Stanley Park, while our award-nominated photographers share their professional tips and tricks around settings, angles and lighting to help you snap pictures that impress. Bring your own device, or rent our equipment to shoot Vancouver’s most photogenic locations during a day or night photowalk tour.


Ready to step into one of Vancouver’s most charming neighbourhoods? You will find yourself surrounded by colour, textures and historic architecture. Strathcona is Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhood, built between the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900 for the railway workers and is now home of a vibrant community of artists and creatives. This photowalk will take you back in time, admiring the beautiful details and learning how to use your camera to create stunning photographs. We’ll talk about photographic technique and creative composition. Get ready to be inspired by this beautiful corner of the city!

Price: $99 | Duration: 2 hours
Start Times: Saturdays @ 10am | Start Location: In front of Benny’s Market

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Gastown was designated a National Historic Site in 2009 by the federal government. Our guides welcome you to this unique corner of the city, rich with memories and legends of the last century. Follow us along the cobblestones of Water Street and beyond, and learn how to capture Gastown’s distinctive architecture, character, and intriguing mix of old and new. During the photowalk we discuss photographic techniques and creative composition, while we visit some of the most iconic landmarks of the city and learn about their pasts and the best way to capture them. Put your history explorer hat on and say hello to Gassy Jack’s neighborhood!

Price: $99 | Duration: 2 hours
Start Times: Thursdays @ 10:30am | Start Location: Gastown Starbucks by the Steam Clock

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Come and see the urban architecture of Vancouver’s Convention Centre, and the iconic white sails of Canada Place! We’ll take in the downtown cityscape, and walk along the waterfront for spectacular views of the marina and the mountains of the North Shore. Topics covered include motion photography, depth of field and modern architectural elements. This photowalk is open to photographers of all levels. A DSLR camera is recommended, but not required.

Price: $99 | Duration: 2 hours
Start Times: Mondays @ 10am | Start Location: Welcome Centre in front of Canada Place

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The Granville Island Night photowalk begins at the magical hour of twilight, where we capture the rich blue sky and continue with darker night photography. We will explore scenic Granville Island after dark, learning long exposure photography and light trails, light painting, and creative special effects including shallow depth of field. This photowalk tends towards the intermediate level but is also suitable for beginners. A camera with manual settings is required, as well as a tripod. But don’t worry if you’re missing some ingredients because we’re fully stocked!

Price: $99 | Duration: 2 hours
Start Times: Wednesdays @ 9pm | Start Location: In front of Bridges Restaurant

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stanley park PHOTOWALK

Join us on a stroll along the seawall of Vancouver’s scenic and iconic Stanley Park and take your photography to the next level! Led by architectural specialist Barbara Tili, this photowalk will teach you how to improve your photography, understand your camera, and react to different photographic environments. Stanley Park is a must-see urban oasis in Vancouver, with spectacular views of the city intertwined with beautiful natural scenery – a photographer’s paradise! DSLR cameras, or any with manual settings, are recommended, but not necessary. We recommend bringing any lenses or equipment you may want to better familiarize yourself with.

Price: $99 | Duration: 2 hours
Start Times: Fridays @ 10am | Start Location: Vancouver Rowing Club

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Walk. Cycle. Paddle. Learn. Capture. Touch. Taste. Feel. Ahh, Vancouver!


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